Longway – Junkie

January 01, 1970

(Old Shoe Records)




It seems like the
era of asymmetrical haircuts and skinny jeans punk rock may actually be over,
following Fallout Boy as they walk off the main stage. That’s great news for a
band like Longway that cites Social Distortion and Bad Religion as influences
over acts like Blink 182.


Coming from Southern California (the neck tattoo capitol of the
world?), Longway play blue collar punk rock in two and three minute bursts of
angst and rebellion. Their 12 track debut, Junkie,
though not earth-shatteringly original is pretty impressive none the less.  The songs all sound vaguely familiar. Heavy on
sing-along choruses (“Angel Eyes” and “Out There”) and distorted guitars, the
trio has the formula down tight.


The band may have
not created their London Calling yet,
but have at least taken a step in the right direction.       


Guy,”  “Afterlife” and “Junkie” JOHN



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