Loney Dear – Dear John

January 01, 1970



Yet another record from the one man Swedish gang (not really
true) Emil Svanagen who, at just shy of 30 years old, has delivered his 5th record. Dear John comes after his Sub Pop debut (ok, his one and only
record for Sub Pop) the excellent Loney, Noir. The new one is not
as immediately arresting as Loney, Noir, in fact, truth be told I had
trouble staying awake the first few runs through this one as the trips through
epic territory seemed more interested in getting lost (on purpose) than staying
on the road and getting safely to the correct destination (more on that later).

The record opens with a few swift, synth-pop numbers in
“Airport Surroundings’ and “Everything Turns To You” then gets a
bit more heart-heavy an sublime on “I Was Only Going Out.” By track
four, “Harsh Words”, Svanagen seems to derail a bit but repeated
listens show the mad scientist exploring a new genre (not speed metal) and
proves he knows what he’s doing while “Summers” shows a similar
aesthetic (not unlike the better Mercury Rev stuff) and “I Got Lost”
brings Andrew Bird into the fold for some eerie violin. Those worried that
Svanagen has lost his magic touch need not fret because while Dear John is not the chummy, immediate pal that Loney, Noir was, this is a
friendship that will be longer lasting.

Standout Tracks: “Summers”,
“Airport Surroundings”, “Everything Turns to You” TIM

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