LONDON SOULS – Here Come the Girls

Album: Here Come the Girls

Artist: London Souls

Label: FEEL Records

Release Date: April 07, 2015

London Souls 4-7


If you’ve been wondering whose been snatching up all of those old blues and classic soul albums at vinyl shops throughout New York, it’s probably the guys that make up The London Souls. Their sophomore effort, Here Come the Girls, is dripping in blues riffs and velvet vocals.

Boasting what is now becoming a routine drummer/guitarist line up, Chris St. Hilaire (drums) and Tash Neal (singer/guitar) took several years between releasing this effort and their debut and the time was clearly well spent on the road. Though it should be noted the record was delayed a bit after Neal was injured in a bad hit-and-run accident.

 There is a more cohesive vibe with this collection of songs. The album kicks off with somewhat of a red herring a little different than their normal sound, “When I’m With You” (a song that sounds like a brilliant Alex Chilton B-Side), but the bulk of the album owes much more to a dirtier blues sound with some Hendrix-style psychedelic guitars mixed in for good measure. But just when you think the band has settled on a formula, they move into a left field track, like the beautifully subdued “Isabel.”

With a classic sound that seems unaffiliated with any band that came up after Zeppelin called it quits, Here Come the Girls could have just as easily come out three or four decades ago.

DOWNLOAD: “When I’m With You,” “Crimson Revival” and “Isabel”



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