Living Sisters – Love to Live

January 01, 1970



Are the Living Sisters actually the Andrews Sisters reincarnated
for a new millennium? That’s the initial impression gleaned from this ad hoc
trio featuring songstresses Inara George (Bird and the Bee), Eleni Mandell and
Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond). While all three women have individual
pedigrees, each takes pains not to overshadow the others. Rather, they create
cheery, chirpy harmonies that keep a steady dichotomy throughout. Operating in a
giddy lockstep, they purvey an upbeat disposition, manifest in the sunny
sentiments that spiral through “How Are You Doing?,” “(You Don’t Know) How Glad
I Am” and “Blue.”


It’s an uncommon amount of optimism for these troubled times,
but it basks in innocence and simplicity, particularly on tunes like “Double
Knots,” a wistful homage to domestic bliss, and “Good ‘Ole Wagon,” a homespun
homily on the virtues of simplicity. Indeed, with a title like Love To Love, the idea of discord is
mooted from the start. While the concept may strike some as a bit twee from the
get-go, it’s apparent that the Living Sisters are living large by spreading the


“Good Ole Wagon,” “How Are You Doing?” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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