LIVING SERIOUS – I Can Fight This Feeling 12” EP

Album: I Can Fight This Feeling

Artist: Living Serious

Label: Omad

Release Date: November 05, 2013

Living Serious 11-4


 Though their appearance – choppy cuts, unkempt shave jobs, mis-matched attire – suggests an overly studious attempt at coming across as unkempt, the four gents of Living Serious belie any notions of NYC hipsterdom by sheer force of their musicality. With songwriter par excellence John DeNicola handling production, Living Serious serves up a 7-pak of youth and young manhood – most notably the impossibly catchy title track, which bounces like vintage XTC as filtered through the guitar fever dreams of Johnny Marr. The group’s poppy take on post-punk is pristine: check the serene, jangly throb of “Put Yourself Out There,” or adrenaline rush romp of “The One You Think It Is,” and then dare yourself not to pogo across the living room as the record spins.

 Yes, spins. In another nice twist, the 12” platter is pressed at 45rpm rather than 33, which isn’t particularly necessary but certainly adds to whatever fidelity one might be seeking. (For those not in the know, the sonics at 45 are greater than at 33.) Housed in a tip-on sleeve, it’s limited to 100 copies initially. Just another feather in these anti-hipster hipsters’ collective hat-brim, eh?

 DOWNLOAD: “The One You Think It Is,” “I Can Fight This Feeling”

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