LISSIE — Back to Forever

Album: Back to Forever

Artist: Lissie

Label: Fat Possum

Release Date: October 08, 2013

Lissie 10-8


 Lissie recently told this writer that when she writes her songs, she’s usually “deep in the middle of heartbreak.” “Lately though, my ability to write songs has improved,” she continued. “I’ve gotten some distance from my heartaches.”

 Given Lissie’s description of her creative process — the results of which are evident on her sophomore set — it would seem as if she’s making music from a disengaged point of view. So it’s somewhat surprising that key tracks like “The Habit,” “I Bet On You” and “Shameless” in particular leave an entirely different impression, one that conveys an unmistakable air of angst and intensity. Where her first full length, 2010‘s Catching a Tiger, found her recovering from a love affair gone wrong, Back to Forever finds her lashing out at her former lover and emerging from that malaise wholly unrepentant. Equally significantly, she’s abandoned those labels affixed to her early on — particular those that branded her as some sort of sensitive singer/songwriter type — and instead veered towards a modern rock sound that boasts more in common with modern hipsters like Katy Perry, or dare we say, Miley Cyrus. With songs built on perky dance rhythms and elaborate arrangements, she seems to be prepping her fans for more elaborate productions and the bigger stages she already commands overseas.

 As a result, Back to Forever looks forward to the future and success built on a solid pop premise. Given her confidence and credo, she’s ready to make that leap right now.

 DOWNLOAD: “The Habit,” “I Bet On You,” “Shameless”

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