LISA GERMANO – No Elephants

Album: No Elephants

Artist: Lisa Germano

Label: Badman

Release Date: February 12, 2013

Lisa Germano

 After spending much of her career in the company of John Mellencamp, David Bowie, Neil Finn and the Indigo Girls, it’s not surprising to find Lisa Germano appearing a wee bit schizophrenic. “It seems as if I could replace all the shit in my head, my troubles relating to humans back to the earth and it’s beings’ troubles relating back to me I think that’s what this record is about,” she suggests in the sleeve of this new release. Huh?

 Such an explanation might confuse matters even more were it not for the amorphous music imparted within. More a series of half-drawn soundscapes than actual songs per se, No Elephants comes across as an exercise in the abstract, in which the artist makes almost no attempt to color inside the outlines. Beginning with the obtuse sound collage that intros the album, and proceeding through the contemplative dialogues that make this set seem so solitary and celestial, Germano retreats into a world of atmosphere and disconnect. Spare piano and her breathy incantations make “Back to Earth,” “A Feast” and the title track little more than a fleeting encounter, hardly enough to give them a handle beyond the eerie effects. One or two songs break the mould — the somewhat sprightly “Dance of the Bees” and the stately set up of “Apathy and the Devil” — but for the most part, anyone seeking any solace here will find themselves confounded rather than comforted.

 DOWNLOAD: “Apathy and the Devil,” “Back to Earth,” “Dance of the Bees”   –LEE ZIMMERMAN

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