Limes – Rhinestone River

January 01, 1970





(the fruit) present a perfect contrast, a lovely green color and a sour-as-shit
taste. The same could be said of this Memphis band led by the elusive Shawn
Cripps and abetted by many of that city’s fair brethren including Harlan T.
Bobo, Ross Johnson, and Alicja Trout to name a few. For the band’s debut
full-length (after a well-received single) the band name sounds inviting but
what you have is some creepy, meandering, gut-bucket blues hungry for its next
meal. And it’ll eat anything.


sounds like a Deliverance-style trip to the river while on “Rusty Old
Clock” Cripps spits forth his lyrics while on a Quaalude cocktail (sounds like
it, anyway) while the rhythm section is barely stayin’ alive and the whole band
needs a temporary layoff on the craggily “Good Times” (love that trumpet,
though). On the upswing “Do You Mind” kicks it up a notch with some nifty
guitar work and on the set closer “Bad Year” Cripps pours hit guts out to an
episode of Perry Mason.


time Shawn let’s try and keep the gang well rested and nourished.


DOWNLOAD: “Do You Mind”, “Bad Year” TIM HINELY


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