Lightspeed Champion – Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You

January 01, 1970




Devonté Hynes must’ve thought long and hard as to what would
followup his much-adored Falling Off the
Lavender Bridge
– at least, from the (sometimes too) well-thought-out sound
of Life is Sweet. Filled with hip hop
rips and chamber-pop blips and snippets of glam-rock’s swelling sound, Life runs in hot opposition to the cool Americana of its
predecessor. At first listen, I liked the new one more than Lavender. It’s harder and more
adventurous as on the funked-up triangle ting-ing “Marlene” where the rapacious
Hynes yelps “Stop being cool.”


The Spaghetti western-styled noise of “Sweetheart” and the
grooving Smiths-esque “Faculty of Fears” are both potent displays of new found
freak-flag-ed-ness. But then the sad-eyed aspect of “Faculty” gets overly grand
and belabored on the “The Big Guns of Highsmith” and you miss the effortless
elegance and simple American twang of that previous album. Even Hynes’
overly-accented Brit clipped vocals start to bug me. It’s Sweet and but not
not-as-Lavender-scented as you’d like. Pip pip.


Standout Tracks: “Madame Van Damme,” “Faculty of Fears,” “Middle of the Dark” A.D. AMOROSI


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