Lightning Bolt – Earthly Delights

January 01, 1970



One could never accuse Lightning Bolt of false advertising.
Their chaotic and colorful album covers serve as an almost too-ideal visual cue
as to what might lie within the grooves of the Rhode Island duo’s records.


Earthly Delights,
Lightning Bolt’s fifth LP – and first since 2005’s Hypermagic Mountain – finds drummer/vocalist Brian
Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson as manic and melodious as ever. The
underlying riffs trudge like the best stoner rock, hypnotically repetitive, and
engaging in a mantra-like simplicity. It’s what the pair stacks on top of these
basic riffs that makes Lightning Bolt feel so hyperactive and noisy. “Colossus”
slides Chippendale’s vocals, warped through his mic-in-mouth technique, over
Gibson’s Sleep-ish riff, which later dissolves into a swarm of amp skuzz as
Chippendale pummels the snare in off-timed blasts. The simplicity of the riff
gets overwhelmed by the duo’s inability to settle for the easy route.


But that inability to settle for any one idea has always
been the best virtue of Lightning Bolt, making their music as colorful and
inviting as it is chaotic.


Standout Tracks: “Colossus,” “Transmissionaries” BRYAN REED


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