Liechtenstein – Survival Strategies in a Modern World

January 01, 1970



After two
decades the Slumberland label continues to impress. The label, started in the Maryland bedroom of
Black Tambourine member Mike Schulman, has released stellar records by indie
pop artists like Stereolab, Rocketship, Aislers Set and too many others. The
label is still going strong, a fact proven by this trio of women from Gothenburg, Sweden
who offer up 9 songs that scoot by in less than 25 minutes.


Renee, Naemi and
Elin first appeared with a 7″ in 2007 and then another one last year so this is
their debut full-length and the 9 cuts on here slip between moody, loopy,
bass-heavy tunes with eerie vocals that sound like an early 80’s Rough Trade
band (“All at Once”, “White Dress” ) and other more sugary tunes with cooing
harmonies and fuzzy guitars that bring to mind The Shop Assistants and Tallulah
Gosh (“Postcard”, “By Staying Here (We Will Slowly Disappear)”, “Roses in the
Park”, “Reflections”, etc.) while other songs that bring to mind defunct
Washington DC quarter Autoclave, defy categorization (“Sophistication, etc.). Survival Strategies in a Modern World is
no “let’s ape our influences” session though, Liechtenstein add a unique and
fresh twist to the proceedings so it doesn’t sound derivative but more like 3
women who want to join the ranks of those that came before them and I must say,
they do a damn good job of it. 


Standout Tracks:  “All
at Once”, “Roses in the Park”, “Reflections” TIM HINELY



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