Liars – WIXIW

January 01, 1970



don’t tread the same ground twice, but WIXIW is less of a jump than usual. The sixth full-length continues progress towards
a chilled, incantatory electronic sound that has been in motion since Drum’s Not Dead. Kraut-ish influences
drift in and out, but here they are muted to a Beta Band-like hybrid of soft
melody and twitchy beat.


temperature has moderated substantially even since 2010’s Sisterworld and, sadly, not a single track has “Scarecrows on a
Killer Slant”‘s urgency. Instead there are muffled pulses, dream-like
envelopments of synthesized tone, airy forays into the otherworldly. Though not
as visceral as previous outings, WIXIW has its charms. “The Exact Color of Doubt” is flat-out gorgeous, “WIXIW” a
revelation in organ-toned murk and mystery, and “No 1. Against the Rush” a
soft-focus techno-colored symphony of synthetic blips and washes.


really, Liars don’t care whether you like it or not. They never have. As soon
as you’ve figured it out, they’ll be off again.


DOWNLOAD: “The Exact Color of Doubt,” “WIXIW” JENNIFER


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