Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Untogether

January 01, 1970

(Self Released)




This California dream pop band with the awkward name (and
their leader now living in Austin,
TX) has been doing
things the right way. Releasing a low-key ep and then an even lower-key
full-length (2009’s s/t one) and then releasing another ep last year (the
terrific Paper Crush).  I’m guessing that they’re self-releasing
these records because they want to (and not that a label was not interested).
Thing is here, the songs keep getting better which is really saying a lot
because those earlier records were strong in the songwriting dept. as well. Though a similar band like Pains of
Being Pure at Heart drill the hooks home in a poppier fashion, LUDGF
occasionally goes the club route as some danceable rhythms peek in to the proceedings
(with plenty of pop hooks, too). Also, while the melodies on here are
infectious, the songs carry a much heavier burden. Band leader/found Mike Lee
stated recently that “writing Untogether was my first step to recovery from bad
wounds I was never discussing with anybody. It was also my first step in
finding out who I really want to be.” Heavy stuff, indeed.


“Visions” starts
things off with a riff that sounds like it was taken right from a Rocketship
record (New Order, too) while “Scratch” clicks into more of a mid-tempo groove
and gets a shakin’ (“Postcard”, too). “Bulletproof Girl” goes straight back to
mid-80’s England when this kind of stuff was all the rage (it seems to have
come back, glad I saved my B-Movie 12″s) and “Details of My World” sounds like
they stole a Peter Hook bass line in the very best way possible. “The Best
Part” is a near-perfect pop song that every band hopes to one day write.


Not only that,
but Lee has the right entertainment gift as well, leave them wanting more as
with the 10 songs here and just over 34 minutes, he certainly doesn’t overstay
his welcome.


DOWNLOAD: “Visions”, “Scratch”, “Postcard”,
“Breaking”, “The Best Part” TIM HINELY



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