Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Paper Crush

January 01, 1970

(Old Flame)




Though a band
since 2004, Letting Up Despite Great Faults (ok, so the band name is a
mouthful), a band that hails from the City of Angels, seem to be getting some
recognition now with this, their 2nd EP after a 2009 full-length.
The band is basically the work of Mike Lee who writes all of the music and
plays most of the instruments himself. Lee, who began playing several
instruments at a young age, dove head first into the trance/techno scene,
soaking up vibes by bands like The Orb, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and others. Now,
adding elements of indie pop and shoegaze into the mix, Lee and his cronies
have come up with a tantalizing 5 song EP.


Opening cut
“Repeating Hearts” mixes just the right amount of guitar fuzz with icy keys and
sturdy beats to snag the listener in while “Sophia in Gold” brings it down a
notch and soothes more than it strangles. “Teenage Tide” has a strong driving
rhythm and a nice jangle pop riff reminding a bit of the Pains of Being Pure at
Heart. The final two tracks on the record, “I Feel You Happen” and “Aurora’ both deliver the
fuzz more than capably. With the strength of this EP, honestly not a bad song
on here, LP #2 should be a monster.


“Repeating Hearts”, “Sophia in Gold”, “Teenage Tide” TIM HINELY


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