He is Legend 7/14/17, Atlanta

Dates: July 14, 2017

Location: Masquerade, Atlanta GA

Live onstage at the Masquerade, along with opening acts To Speak of Wolves and Islander.


A hot summer night and I was in Hell!

I went to Hell to see He is Legend—well, technically, the Hell stage at the iconic Masquerade venue in Atlanta. Anyone who has a taste for hardcore metal knows He is Legend and, if they don’t, they are missing out. The North Carolina band is touring and bringing their music to the masses. I admit it, I like hardcore metal and to see good bands playing it live is truly a delight. They say music brings people together and I am a believer. Opening acts Speak of Wolves and Islander, along with the headliner, rocked the city.

To Speak of Wolves (above) is a band I had not really noticed before. I had always heard of the name but never really gave it a good listen. You know how you hear a song and then the DJ says the name of the band but it doesn’t click in your brain? Well, I now know who this band is and I am happy about it. A hardcore band out of North Carolina, To Speak of Wolves is a band you should check out. A great start to a great night of metal.

I saw a terrific band back in 2015 at Rock on the Range, and that band was Islander. They blew me away then and they blew me away again. Islander (above) knows how to do hardcore and they hail from South Carolina. These southern guys know how to rock. This show also showed a different side to hardcore that not many get to see. During the set, there was a touching tribute to Adrenaline Mob, who had recently been involved in a horrible accident. Islander took a moment and changed the room in this one moment. Have you ever been to a show that was so hardcore but then in one moment of it all there was a couple of minutes that showed heart? A moment like this is something to remember. Their music is hardcore but the band has heart.

He is Legend took to the stage with a loud roar from the crowd. Hardcore at its finest. The Tar Heel state has always had some great bands come out of there state, and He is Legend is one of the best. Not only that, vocalist Schuylar Croom has great dance moves—and the entire band is filled with talented musicians who complement each other well. Guitars, drums, and bass filled the room with gyrating sound that shook the walls.  A great time was had by the crowd, there was even slam dancing, the old-style way and it was great. I did not participate in it, I’ve reached an age where my body does not bounce back easily, lol. Few is the name of recently released album from He is Legend. It is wonderful with the soulful voice of Schuylar Croom.

A great time was had by all this night. Looking for a night out with hardcore? Check out this tour—dates can be found HERE— because you will not be disappointed.

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