Left Lane Cruiser – All You Can Eat!!

January 01, 1970





the humble beginnings of The White Stripes and Black Keys it seems like
two-person bands, especially blues-based ones, have become commonplace. Left
Lane Cruiser is a couple of guys out of Fort
Wayne, Indiana. They
have beards, wear hoodies ‘n’ backwards baseball caps, and write songs with
titles like “Hillgrass Bluebilly”, “Broke Ass Blues” and “Crackalacka.” They
additionally stir up quite a racket for two guys. Speaking of two-person bands,
if you remember those Arizona nutjobs from a decade ago, Doo Rag, then you’ll
be in the ballpark of where these guys sound, but Freddie J. Evans IV (guitar
& vocals) and Brenn “Sausage Paw” Beck (drums, trash, hollerin’) are more
influenced by deep Mississippi blues and they do a good job of aping their


cut “Crackalacka” comes scootin’ out of the gate with some cool guitar noodle
while “Ol’ Fashioned” adds some wiry slide guitar and gravelly vocals, and
“Black Lung” is its younger, tougher, more tweaked kid brother. Later, on
“Poopdeflex” (song title of the year?) the vocals get more guttural and
desperate and at that point you realize one thing about Left Lane Cruiser: they mean it, man.


“Crackalacka”, “Ol’ Fashioned”, “Hard Luck” TIM HINELY



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