Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires – There is a Bomb in Gilead

January 01, 1970





There is a Bomb in
, the first solo record from former Dexateen Lee Bains III, doesn’t
travel far afield from the sounds made by his ex-band: country-flavored,
punk-infused, bar-band rock & roll, with a proudly Southern flavor. That
said, Bains favors the early ‘70s influence of that sound most strongly,
favoring the influence of beer over speed, as it were.


“Ain’t No Stranger,” “Everything You Took” and “The Red, Red
Dirt of Home” give a good indication of what the Faces would’ve sounded like if
they’d come from Alabama. “Choctaw Summer,” “Opelika” and “Centreville” play up
the kind of country rock melodies for which the word “accessible” was created.
What keeps the record from sounding like an exercise in retro nostalgia is the
songwriting – Bains sounds as born to write rock & roll in this vein as
peers like Ted Russell Kamp and the Pawnshop Roses. For the Glory Fires, it’s
all about “Righteous, Ragged Songs,” and Bains and the band deliver that in
spades on There is a Bomb in Gilead.


DOWNLOAD: “Righteous,
Ragged Songs,” “Everything You Took,” “The Red, Red Dirt of Home” MICHAEL

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