Le Futur Pompiste – Le Futur Pompiste

January 01, 1970





To the naked eye
you might think this Finnish band is a new one, but dig a little deeper and you’ll
discover that they have been at it for nearly a decade and have a discography
that dates back to 2001 (and their previous full-length, Your Stories and Your Thoughts, was released in 2004 on Spain’s
Siesta label). So where have they been? Aw, the usual,  life, love and birth.  Apparently things like families and jobs got
in the way and the move of leader Einar Ekstrom from his home country to Sweden.  In other words, all the usual things that
make bands have 6 years gaps in between records. 


Still, despite
the gap in time, this sophomore effort though is strong with 10 fully-formed
songs that are caked in melody. Upon first listen you’ll heard nods to pop
masters both bright (Stereolab) and dark (Broadcast). If those lovely female
pipes sound familiar it’s because they belong to Jessika Rapo of (another
Shelflife band) Burning Hearts. The songs glide, flow and twinkle and cuts like
waterfall pop of “Delusions”, the hypnotic “Communication”, the positively
cheery “Winter” and the ebullient “My Trophy” are all winners as are a few


At times the
band can wear their influences a bit too much but when the coat is this good a
fit, you won’t complain too much.


“Winter”, “My Trophy”  TIM HINELY

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