Las Kellies – Las Kellies

January 01, 1970



Las Kellies’ cover of ESG’s “Erase You,” slinks and struts
with an animal grace, its spiky minimalism grounded in grunting, primitive bass
and embellished with scrappy, taunting vocals. These three Argentinians – like
their South Bronx forebears – are clearly
women who will take no shit from anyone, but who, left to their own devices,
can make a party out of the barest elements. Las Kellies, the band’s third album, throws a quick nod to ESG, as
well as the Slits, the Raincoats and Delta 5, shouting multilingual jeers and
boasts to a backslanting, reggae-flavored beat.


Girl-fronted post-punk will always evoke, at least
subliminally, the drippy chill of England’s north, but here these
clipped and militant rhythms wrap around something sensual, multicultural and
full of heat. Las Kellies’ native Buenos
Aires makes a guest-turn, in the organ-blipping,
bass-thumping ode to red meat “Bife Dos,” in the bump-and-grind materialism of
“Bling Bling.” Even the city’s dogs, paraded through the city’s parks by hired
dog walkers and tied there, one to a tree, for the entire afternoon, make an
appearance in “Perro Rompebalos”, a raggedy, guitar churning anxiety dream, complete
with yips and yaps.   


 Dennis Bovell, the
famed reggae producer who also worked with the Slits, lends heat and dust to
these heavily syncopated tracks. “Adwenture” is, perhaps, the most
reggae-influenced of these tracks, the doom-y weight of its bass line vibrating
in an echo chamber. Still an island vibe creeps into other tracks as well,
“Keep the Horse,” and even, in a very subtle way, the ye-ye girl conclusion,


Yet whether engaged in minimalist post-punk, or
dub-inflected vamps, or girl-garage, Las
sparkles with fresh and unconflicted energy. This is not a band
riffling through pop history for riffs to steal and tropes to mock, but rather
a fresh, reanimated, slightly exotic vision of how female-fronted punk rock
should sound, right now.


You,” “Perro Rompebalos” “Adwenture” JENNIFER KELLY


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