Langhorne Slim & The Law – The Way We Move

January 01, 1970

(Ramseur Records)


Though it’s not
obvious from the themes covered, The Way
We Move
is a road album. Thanks to the building popularity from his last
two efforts, Langhorne Slim and his band have spent the better part of the past
few years trekking the globe, playing small clubs and massive festival stages,
leaving little downtime away from van to write music. So many of ideas that
make it onto The Way We Move were
picked up in parking lots, back stage green rooms and long stretches of highway
over the past two years. The result is more satisfying than anything this
suburban Philly native has put on wax to date (and that takes into account how
great his last record was).


A bit more sober
and introspective than 2009’s Be Set Free,
Slim tackles the death of his grandfather in the moving “Song for Sid” and the
demise of a five-year relationship (popping up in several tracks on the album).
Though the record is not all heartbreak and mourning; The slow build “Found My
Heart,” for example, may just be the band’s first ever arena rocker and
“Someday,” clocking in at just over a minute, sounds like a great long lost Cat
Stevens track that was never recorded.    


Langhorne Slim and
the boys have clearly written a career-defining record. It’ll be interesting to
see how they manage to top this one the next time out.


DOWNLOAD: “The Way We Move,” “On the Attack” and “Past


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