Album: Side Pony

Artist: Lake Street Dive

Label: Nonesuch

Release Date: February 19, 2016

Lake Street Dive 2-19

The Upshot: Injecting enough of their own touches into the soul/rock genre to make it refreshing, the group cuts their sound with plenty of sweet pop ear candy, too.


The success of soul/R&B revivalists like Alabama Shakes, Sharon Jones and the like have spawned a slew of other bands that are finally getting exposure after years of flying under the radar. These modern groups, dead set on marrying the ‘60s with a few modern touches, seem to be cropping up everywhere nowadays. And Lake Street Dive is among one of the better ones, for the past decade, injecting enough of their own touches into the genre to make it refreshing, cutting their sound with plenty of sweet pop ear candy.

Their latest, Side Pony, is probably one of their most polished efforts yet, but that just adds to the charm. They grabbed producer Dave Cobb to work on this one, and like his work with Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Shooter Jennings, he manages to add the right balance of grit and polish, for a clean sound that doesn’t sacrifice the authenticity.

The Boston foursome have managed to add in a solid mix of get on the dancefloor numbers (“Call Off Your Dogs,” “Can’t Stop”) and breakup songs (“So Long,” “Mistakes”). Rachel Price has a booming voice that sounds like a mix of everyone from Janis Joplin to Dusty Springfield (the brilliant “Spectacular Failures” is Price at her Dusty-channeling best). Side Pony is a solid starting point for anyone who has yet to discover the band.

DOWNLOAD: “Call Off Your Dogs,” “Spectacular Failure” and “So Long”


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