Laetitia Sadier – The Trip

January 01, 1970





frontwoman has officially branched out on her own, without abandoning the style
of her previous band. The Trip begins
with a monochord riff that’s missing the analog synths but contains plenty of happy
droning. “One Million Year Trip” expounds on the suicide of Sadier’s sister over
the buoyant groove. So the titular “trip” in this case deals both with death
and the search for meaning under these tragic circumstances.


course, Sadier won’t bring us down in the process. She uses breezy pop for her
therapy, from slow, metronomic pianos (“Statues Can Bend”) to pop hooks that
also straddle that happy-anxiety blend (“By the Sea,” from obscure ’60s duo
Wendy & Bonnie) and a version of “Summertime” that reduces the Porgy and Bess classic to random minor
piano chords and Sadier’s intriguing voice. The closing 30-second track implies
a return from the trip, but it stops abruptly, which might actually mean this
is merely the first step. If so, it deserves repeated listens.


DOWNLOAD: “One Million Year
Trip,” “Un Soir Un Chien” MIKE SHANLEY

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