LAETITIA SADIER – Something Shines

Album: Something Shines

Artist: Laetitia Sadier

Label: Drag City

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Sadier 9-23


Maybe Laetitia Sadier should blow all of our minds and release a folk record? Stranger things have happened and it’s not like the former Stereolab vocalist is in rut, but I must say, when I hear Something Shines (or her two previous solo records) it sounds like I’m listening to a Stereolab record and that band group disbanded a few years ago — and seemed to be in a rut on its last few records.

Something Shines was recorded in both Switzerland and London with a host of friends in and around Europe and the record and like all records that Sadier is involved with, the lyrics are both heady and political. Opening with the spacey “Quantum Soup” the record then bubbles along and doesn’t really take off until the soaring 5th track, the aptly named “Release From the Center of Your Heart” which seems like a exultant rebirth for Sadier while the following cut, “Butter Side Up”, has a subtle yet lovely little melody.

These two tracks are the exception on Something Shines, I mean, sure, on Sadier (and to an extent, Stereolab) records long musical interludes of what were essentially droney, keyboard/organ parts were expected; but that being said, many of the songs on here just aren’t very memorable.

We all know that Sadier has the intelligence, drive and talent to make an excellent record. I hope she changes directions and blows our minds next time.

DOWNLOAD: “Release From the Center of Your Heart,” “Butter Side Up,” ”Life is Winning”


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