Ladytron – Best Of Ladytron: 00-10 (Deluxe Edition)

January 01, 1970



There is really not much bad to say about Ladytron’s new
2-disc collection. Born during the late ‘90s electroclash craze, the quartet
quickly evolved and moved on to a more polished, atmospheric, electro-rock
sound layered with synths, grooving dance beats, and dark melodic lullabies. In
the past 10 years, they have released four strong albums including, 604 (2001), Light & Magic (2002), Witching
(2005) and most recently, Velocifero (2008). The latter two albums are their strongest to date with Witching Hour, so far, being the band’s


All of the fan favorites are here, including the powerful
“Destroy Everything You Touch,” a slightly different version of “Blue Jeans,” the
chilling and commanding “High Rise,” and the always delicious “Evil.” Diehards
who own every single Ladytron album will be glad to know that there is a reason
to be lured in and by this new “Best of.” 
The collection contains two new (and very well done) tracks “Little
Black Angel” and “Ace of Hz.”


One could get nitpicky and take notice to some of the
head-scratching omissions nowhere to be found on the album. Great tracks like
“Fire,” “Burning Up,” “I’m Not Scared,” and “Sugar” didn’t make the cut. We
assume 160 minutes just isn’t enough time for an entire Ladytron “Best of,”
especially since they’re one of those bands who put out albums where almost
every track is so darn good. With a fifth new studio album, titled Gravity the Seducer, coming later this
summer (that is sure to contain more Ladytron magic), we wonder why the band
didn’t just hold off on this collection and save it for the Holiday season – and
hey, why not just make it a 3-disc set?


DOWNLOAD: “Destroy Everything You Touch,” “Discotraxx,” “Playgirl,” “Blue Jeans,” “Deep
Blue,” “Little Black Angel,” “Ace of Hz.” GIL MACIAS

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