La Resistance – Philosophy

January 01, 1970



The band dressed
in black with dour dispositions and the moody, pop sound hails from…..Birmingham, Alabama?!
Upon closer inspection it appears pop guy Greg Summerlin is the brainchild
behind this band. Summerlin released a few solid pop records in the past decade
then seemingly vanished.  Here he
reappeared with 3 other folks remade as a gothic pop outfit…and thankfully,
though a bit darker, the solid songwriting is still there (with hooks a
plenty). (Official band website can be found at


Opener “Shells”
begin with a hark of a synthesizer then icy rhythms percolate in, the rhythm
becomes more prominent and finally Summerlin’s vocals go from meek to confident
in a matter of seconds. It’s a nice way to open a record while “Understanding”
follows a similar path but with a hook that explodes a bit more – and yup,
there, is a song called “Isolation” (figured they had to have one in the
batch). It lives up to its “I vant to be alone” name.  If you’re thinking of a Joy Division/New
Order influence here you’d be right, but while many of those band’s disciples
seem to wallow in their own self pity and trench coats, Summerlin and his crew
give the songs some real bite and hooks you can sink your teeth into.


Maybe there’s
more to Birmingham
than meets the eye?


DOWNLOAD: “Shells”, “Understanding”. “Loathing”





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