LA LUZ – Weirdo Shrine

Album: Weirdo Shrine

Artist: La Luz

Label: Hardly Art

Release Date: September 04, 2015

La Luz

The Upshot: Three dimensional surf/garage noir from distaff point of view, with Ty Segall producing.


Yeah! I love this all-female Seattle quartet’s debut from 2013 (It’s Alive) and was absolutely psyched to hear that they had a new record coming out. Not only that, but how the band was continuing at all following a nasty van accident while on tour in November 2013 (thankfully the band members, while having some injuries, were okay). I’m happy to say that Weirdo Shrine is everything that the debut was and more.

I was even more psyched not just to hear that they got garage rock maven Ty Segal to produce the record, but that they recorded it in a surf shop in San Dimas, California. What that means is that the reverb (the band’s sound has been described as “surf noir”) is even more omnipresent and leader Shana Cleveland’s songwriting is better, more confident. Despite all of the surf comparisons, the band is hard to nail down, at time coming across surfy and reverby and other times dark and haunting (they occasionally remind me of the Dum Dum Girls, another favorite here). A few ace cuts on here include the shakin’ “I Wanna Be Alone (with you)”, the Galaxie 500-ish “I Can’t Speak,” the absolutely sparkling “With Davey” and the turbocharged “Hey Papi”).

Not only is there a batch of killer songs, but you get a pair of 3-D glasses to go along with the 3-D record cover. How’s that for caring about the consumer! Huzzah!

DOWNLOAD: “With Davey,” “Don’t Wanna be Anywhere,” “Hey Papi,” “Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine”



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