THE KVB – Minus One

Album: Minus One

Artist: KVB

Label: A Recordings

Release Date: November 26, 2013

KVB 11-26


 If a record appears on Brian Jonestown Massacre leader Anton Newcombe’s A label, you can already guess what you’re gonna get: contemporary psych rock with a flair for ’80s fuzz and drone. And so it is with the KVB, the London-based duo of Kat Day and Nicholas Wood.

 On Minus One, the pair layer guitars both shimmery and distorted over a busy drum machine lifted from the Jesus & Mary Chain’s Automatic LP, singing in an enervated mumble at the very top and drowning it all in a pool of reverb. The original homes of the nicked bits reveal easily enough: Joy Division, the Telescopes, the aforementioned Chain. But the duo makes good use of its purloined noises, conjuring alluring spells like the fuzzily rocking “Live or Die,” the dreamily floating “Passing By” and the broodingly moaning “Again & Again.” The record reaches its apex with “Dominance/Submission,” seven-and-a-half minutes of lysergic brainstorming and nightmare pop. These sounds will all ring familiar with certain cognoscenti, but if you’re one of those you’ll be happy to know they’ll also ring true.

 DOWNLOAD: “Dominance/Submission,” “Live or Die,” “Again & Again”

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