Album: Feeling Mortal


Label: KK Records

Release Date: January 29, 2013

Kriis Kristofferson

 There is no doubt that Kris Kristofferson is an amazing songwriter. The man behind “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down,” “Me and Bobby McGee,” “Why Me Lord” and a slew of other songs cleaver enough to make an entire generation of wannabe tunesmiths realize they shouldn’t even bother because they’ll never measure up, has found a way to infuse his albums with equal parts loneliness and hopefulness like no other, apart from maybe his longtime buddy Willie

 That being said, his latest, the stripped down Feeling Mortal takes a bit longer to get into than some of Kristofferson’s earlier work. The songs are bare – many held up with little more than just his vocals and guitar – his voice is sounding a bit strained at 76 and the record can be challenge to get through in a single sitting. But with patience and repeated listens, the 10 tracks start to soak in and you catch a turn of phrase that drifted by unnoticed on the first couple of listens.

 It’s an understatement to call Kristofferson a complex guy – a Rhodes Scholar, a singer who can actually act and an actor who can actually sing and more importantly one of the best songwriters to every come out of Texas (a state that has churned out some of the greatest). So it’s no surprise that his music isn’t always going to be accessible to all. His latest is a bit of a challenge, but worth it for those willing to put in the time.    

 DOWNLOAD: “Feeling Mortal,” “Castaway” and “Stairway to the Bottom”