KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA – Once in July (single)

Album: Once in July (single)

Artist: Kraków Loves Adana

Label: Better Call Rob

Release Date: October 07, 2016



The Upshot: Hamburg band deploys a hazy, dreampop sound to great effect.


Kraków Loves Adana is a Hamburg based band that have forged a unique style over the space of a few albums. Introspective in mood, “Once in July” is a piece that gets under your skin after repeated listening. The band have always struck me in a good way as being a bit off kilter, where things revolve in a distorted, uneven way.

Deniz Cicek has a cool, almost androgynous, vocal style that is both haunting and disturbing. A determined haziness permeates the track, placing you square in the middle of longing and reflection. Produced by Fritz Bruckner in Leipzig, if the one track is anything to go by then we’re surely in for a treat. The piano here reminds me of Taiwan rocker Wu Bai’s famous tune “White Dove”. This single shows some evolution in sound from the single “OMG I Missed You,” which, while catchy, doesn’t feel as sonically fleshed out as “Once in July” does. The new record is slated to be Feb ’17. Kraków Loves Adana, and maybe you will too.

DOWNLOAD: “Once in July”

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