KINSKI – Cosy Moments

Album: Cosy Moments

Artist: Kinski

Label: Kill Rock Stars

Release Date: April 02, 2013



Kinski hails from Seattle, yet some of its first musical allies were from Japan’s neo-acid-rock scene. The trans-Pacific kinship was clearly audible in the band’s earlier work, and hasn’t entirely vanished from the quartet’s current style. But only a few tracks on the new Cosy Moments are weird and expansive, while most are short and punchy. With an added emphasis on vocals, Kinski’s current incarnation often sounds more like Superchunk than Acid Mothers Temple.

The album opens with its longest number, the eight-minute “Long Term Exit Strategy,” which is sludgy and woozy yet includes pretty backup vocals. Such Ramones-length rockers as “Last Day on Earth” and “Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process” are sorta pop, although noisy, visceral and ragged around the edges. In between are such instrumentals as “Riff Dad,” punky and pithy, and “We Think She’s a Nurse,” pulsing and shimmery.

All three modes work reasonably well, and guitarist Chris Martin (who writes the material) and guitarist-keyboardist Matthew Reid Schwartz doesn’t restrain themselves in any regard except length. But the band’s timbres are more distinctive than its songs, which means that even the shorter tunes are best when they let the instruments do the talking.

DOWNLOAD: “Long Term Exit Strategy,” “We Think She’s a Nurse”