Kingsbury Manx – Ascenseur Ouvert!

January 01, 1970



to believe this is record number five from these North Carolina mainstays when it seems like
it was just yesterday that they were delivering their terrific self-titled
debut record (it was released in 2000). The band honed their sounded on the
records in between then at the end of 2005 the band took a break while members
got married and began raising children. The records following their debut never
quite hit that sweet spot of that first record….until now.  


, their first record in four years, is brimming with the sort of
low-key, melodic pop songs that made me fall in the love with the band in the
first place. The gorgeous piano that opens  “Walk On Water” givers us a
slight indication of the beauty to follow while second cut, “Over the Oeuvre”
sounds like classic ‘60s pop and the strummy “Well, Whatever” shuffles along
like the best Mojave 3 song you have yet to hear. The oddly named “If You’re on
the Mend, I’m on the Move” sounds like a bucolic campfire singalong and is one
of the best songs on the record. Not sure what type of vitamins that main
songwriters Bill Taylor and Ryan Richardson were taking during those four years
but my advice is to keep it to themselves and continue making this band one of
our country’s best kept secrets.


: “Walk On Water”, “Well, Whatever”, “These Three Things”, “If
You’re on the Mend, I’m on the Move” TIM HINELY



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