King Tuff + Ex Hex 1/22/15, Athens GA

Dates: January 22, 2015

Location: 40 Watt Club, Athens GA

104 King Tuff Blurt

Photography and Humble Narrator: John Boydston

For a good time call King Tuff. That’s been working for thousands of fans packing the clubs to hear King Tuff lately. How great to see a band having such a good time watching the crowd have a great time. (Major mosh-fest alert) King Tuff has been touring behind his latest excellent LP Black Moon Spell and equally great 2012 eponymous LP King Tuff. Both are jammed with catchy songs packing a sonic wallop, a sound that I would describe as Mitch Easter vocals meets Dinosaur Jr guitar crunch. Besides King Tuff on guitar and vocals, the band is Old Gary on drums and Magic Jake on bass.   King Tuff’s music is on Sub Pop. The band just wrapped a headlining club tour of the Southeast, and starts a 10-date run with Father John Misty late March in Nashville.

101 King Tuff Blurt

102 King Tuff Blurt

103 King Tuff Blurt

106 King Tuff Blurt

107 King Tuff Blurt

108 King Tuff Blurt109 King Tuff Blurt


Halfway through his set at the 40 Watt Club King Tuff stopped to thank his opening act Ex Hex, by saying he can’t believe ‘how effing good they are,’ and I can about stop typing now because that’s as good a description as I could give. These ladies do it all and should be on your list of bands you gotta hear and with any luck see live, in 2015. Start with their new LP Rips on Merge records (recorded by Mitch Easter speak of the devil). Ex Hex is indie-rock all-star Mary Timony (guitar and vocs), Betsy Wright (bass & vocs), and Laura Harris (drums & vocs). They’ll strut, swagger, and charm their way into your pop and rock-loving hearts. Hard to experience Ex Hex without thinking of the Go-Go’s, and I mean that as a compliment to both bands because I can’t help but imagine there was a time when the Go-Go’s sounded this good or were this fun.

110 Blurt Ex Hex

111 Blurt Ex Hex

112 Blurt Ex Hex

113 Ex Hex

114 Blurt Ex Hex


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