King of Prussia – Transmissions from the Grand Strand

January 01, 1970

(self released)


I thought that
this band, like many others, was going to be one of those that came and went. A
one hit wonder if you will. They released a fine debut on Kindercore back in
2007 then ….nothing. Not a peep. At
that time Kindercore label had been dormant for a few year so I thought that it
was going to be another chapter in
the label’s existence but no such luck (according to the press sheet for this
record though, the band released an ep , The
Time of Great Forgetting
, on the label in 2010).  One half of the core duo is still here ,
Brandon Hanick still sings and plays guitar but his other half, Trey McManus,
has left. On to….aw, who the hell knows. So Hanick is leading the ship and he
has plenty of help, too with a core of 7 players and a host of others helping
out. And they still have it. What is it,
you ask? Well, keep reading.


It is that ‘60s
pop/psych songwriting capability that bands like The Lilys, The Clientele and,
on occasion, The Apples in Stereo have all dabbled in and come up with winners.
The record starts off strong with a batch of great songs including the first
four (“Oh Me”, “The Shake Shake”, “Pedals on the Delay”, “Arabian
Thoroughbread.” The rest of the record is solid and occasionally great. In fact
of the remaining 7 songs, you’ll definitely want to check out “Your Graduating
Hours”, and “Transatlantic (the new frontier).” A couple of the cuts splash
into a different ocean, but overall this is a real strong record with terrific
songs by a band I was happy made a return.


Transmissions from the Grand Stand will surely stand the test of time. For
further proof check back with me in 2037. Deal?


“Oh Me”, “The Shake Shake”, “Pedals on the Delay”, “Arabian
Thoroughbread.”  TIM HINELY


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