King Krule 4/25/18, Denver

Dates: April 25, 2018

Location: Ogden Theater, Denver CO

Live at The Ogden Theater, the King did come.


Rock and roll belongs forever to the young. Sure, with age comes wisdom, but the wise tend to sleep on audacious geniuses who make stunning art out of shit that’s just lying around. In the case of Archy Marshall, the man behind King Krule who lit up the Ogden Theater in Denver on April 25, that was equal parts brit dub, blue jazz guitar, guttural baritone sax, and a London accent fished out of can of wet cigarette butts.

The band, washed in hollowed-out reverb over off kilter electronics from DJ Connor Atanda, dove one after another into five songs from the louder side of the catalog including the single “Dum Surfer” from last year’s essential LP The OOZ (a play on Krule’s previous moniker Zoo Kid) before settling in and slowing it down for a solid 30 minutes. During that time, Marshall seamlessly transitioned the music and the crowd over to the keyboard, where he showed off soulful songwriting chops that could stand shoulder to shoulder with any Winehouse torch song you’d care to mention.

Marshall is a crooner at heart, but a decidedly two-thousand-and-teens one. He stands the genre on its head, at once pulling in modern and disparate house elements while lingering on drawn out lyrics like some east-end Bing Crosby. But then he’s a producer, too, and it shows in King Krule’s live set. Throughout the night, brilliant live elements not available on King Krule’s records kept popping up, like the driving rhythm when the drums came in on “Easy Easy” after the achingly long build up. It’s a little something you want so badly on the studio recording and proves perfect in front of a crowd.

Marshall put his mark all over the show with his signature barbaric AAARRRUUGGGHHH! It’s an aching wail that turned King Krule’s echoing, aching songs into a wild display of genre bending brilliance on stage, captivating to beat poets and b-boys alike.


Has This Hit?


Dum Surfer

A Lizard State

The Locomotive

Cadet Limbo


Biscuit Town

The Cadet Leaps


Rock Bottom

Little Wild

Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)

Emergency Blimp

(A Slide In) New Drugs

Badoom The Ooz

iPhone (My) X

Half Man Half Shark

Baby Blue

Easy Easy

Encore: Out Getting Ribs


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