KIM SALMON – My Script

Album: My Script

Artist: Kim Salmon

Label: Bang!

Release Date: April 01, 2016


The Upshot: Sound beamed in directly from the Scientists/Beasts of Bourbon/Darling Downs musician’s brain – unfiltered and unpolished.


Outside of his home country of Australia, singer, songwriter and guitarist Kim Salmon is best known for his leadership of the swamp punk pioneers the Scientists and avant power rockers the Surrealists, as well as his erstwhile membership in demimonde supergroup the Beasts of Bourbon. But there’s more to the underground rawk legend than that – his career has spanned pop to improvisation to whatever it was he was doing with Ron Peno in the Darling Downs (interviewed HERE at Blurt).

My Script, his latest solo album, puts all his pieces into one pie. The first three songs alone take in introspective folk (“Pathologise Me”), punky power pop (“Destination Heartbreak”) and fuzzy electro weirdness (“Sign Apps”). Salmon wanders all over his own map, exploring everything from his usual rock outs (“Client JGT683,” “Always Turned Out Burned Out [Fast Burn]”) and winsome strumming (“Making Me Better,” “Already Turned Out Burned Out [Slow Burn]”) to no wave brooding (“It’s s SOdisSTOPic”) to using his finger tapping the end of a live guitar cable as accompaniment (“Tell Me About Your Master,” “Fucking Shit Up”).

Recorded in as uncomplicated, but professional, a manner as possible, these tracks sound beamed in directly from Salmon’s brain – unfiltered, unpolished and dedicated to the idea of delivering what he hears in his head straight to your ears.

DOWNLOAD: “Destination Heartbreak,” “Client JGT683,” “Tell Me About Your Master”


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