Kim Richey – Thorn In My Heart

Album: Thorn In My Heart

Artist: Kim Richey

Label: Yep Roc

Release Date: April 02, 2013

Kim Richeh


 After years of toiling just below the surface, Thorn In My Heart may be the album to take Kim Richey over the top and to the recognition she deserves. True, there’s formidable competition for the crown of new country music queen, a role aspired to by Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin and a good many more contenders. Even so, at very least, Ms. Richey deserves entry into the royal court as chief lady in waiting. Here she opens the door to her innermost emotions, doing so in a way that encourages outside observers to get caught up in her contemplation. Whether deftly navigating the trail of tears that winds its way through “I Will Wait,” or, as is the case more often, swaying through the dreamlike desire that blankets “London Town,” “Something More,” and “No Means Yes,” Ms. Richey conveys a sense of wistful circumspect that’s futile to resist. “I’m not saying its now or never, but it’s something in-between/I believe there’s something better/I believe it’s you and me,” she declares on the decidedly emphatic “Come On,” one of the more rousing offerings in an album flush full of swaying serenades. Given the way she frames that proposition, it’s hard to imagine anyone not being eager to join right in.

 DOWNLOAD: “Come On,” “London Town, “I Will Wait”