Kim Baxter – The Tale of Me and You

January 01, 1970

(self released)


You might not
know the name Kim Baxter on her own but you might know her as one of the
vocalist/guitarists for Portland’s All Girl Summer Fun Band who have released
some terrific pop records on both the K and Magic Marker labels (their last
full-length, from last year, was self released). The other A.G.S.F.B. member,
Kathy Foster, is busy with her other band The Thermals while other A.G.S.F.B.
vocalist/guitarist, Jen Sbragia is busy with her other band, The Softies who
recently played some reunion gigs (and being a mother of twins). This left
Baxter with some free time on her hands and what better to do with free time
than record a solo record!


I was expecting
something folky (not sure why) but this is no folk record, in fact it has the
same charm, energy and pop hooks as any A.G.S.F.B. record. Along with producer
Chris Flanagan, who happens to be Baxter’s husband, the two of them played
nearly everything this on here and co-produced it as well. Things get started
with the gooey “Intelligent Lovers” then zips right into the terrific title
track (which has beats!). “Devil on My Side” is one of the best cuts on here as
is the piano pop of “Tallest Tourist.” Other chunky, buzzy pop cuts include
“Arc de Triomphe”, “The Greatest” and the spare, gentle album closer (not
chunky or buzzy), “Flame Ball for Hire.”


I’m happy to
report that Baxter has crafted a solo record that’s intelligent and catchy and
thankfully she hasn’t forgotten the importance of the song as this rousing
(solo) debut is a joy from start to finish.


DOWNLOAD:  “Intelligent
Lovers”, Arc de Triomphe”, “The
Greatest”, “Devil on My Side” TIM HINELY




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