KHRUANGBIN—Con Todo El Mundo

Album: Con Todo El Mundo

Artist: Khruangbin

Label: Dead Oceans

Release Date: January 26, 2018

The Upshot: Long, cooling drones, funky surf guitar lines, angular Middle Eastern twang and more from the Texas trio.


Khruangbin brings the sleepy funk in a second full-length, unspooling long, cooling drones that twitch faintly with syncopation. The Texas trio weaves bass and guitar in slippery conversation, Laura Lee’s low-end licks working at angles with Mark Speer’s surf guitar lines, overlapping, interconnecting, but never quite in unison, as DJ Johnson colors the rhythmic structure with interesting bits of rattling, chiming, plinking percussion.

The disc’s first half is most engrossing, especially the slinky, smouldery swagger of “Lady and Man,” which whips up funk intensity with explosive starts and stops. “I went to college,” sing-songs Lee as the cut unfolds, “I could have been a doctor…could have been a lawyer.”  It’s one of the few tracks with words, albeit much-repeated, trance-y words, as laid back as the music. “Maria Tambien,” the single, is surfier, almost like the Mermen, and has some of the same angular Middle Eastern twang as Richard Bishop’s Freak of Araby. It is by far the strongest cut on the album.

Late album tracks drift and drone, pillow-padded with angelic “oohs” and paced for motionless contemplation. “Evan Finds the Third Room,” descends into jam band funk, “Rules” and “Hymn” fall asleep at the switch. There’s definitely a place where quiet storm soul, surf and psychedelic drone come together, but drift too far off, as Khruangbin does late album,  and find yourself marooned in a windless sea, hot, still endlessness all around.

Consumer note: The vinyl version comes on limited edition colored wax.

DOWNLOAD: “Maria Tambien” “Lady and Man”

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