Kendel Carson – Alright Dynamite

January 01, 1970

(Trainwreck Records)


Chip Taylor’s
comeback entered its second decade via a plethora of releases that marked the
latest phase of a career initiated back in the ‘60s. While Taylor’s yet to
claim a recent hit on the scale of, say, “Angel of the Morning” or “Wild
Thing,” he’s shown a proficiency that nearly dwarfs his prodigious early
output. The latest evidence of this prolific streak comes via a second disc
from singer/fiddler Kendel Carson, the follow-up to her debut, Rearview Mirror Tears, and her second
project alongside Taylor
since their initial collaboration in 2006. 


While Taylor’s presence is
predominant here – chiefly due to the fact he had a hand in writing all but one
of the songs (an amped up cover of Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz”) -it’s Carson’s smoldering
vocals that hold sway from first note to last. 
Hers is a sensual, suggestive caress that simmers with a slow burn on
opening track “Oh Baby Lie Down” and closer “Mexico,” takes on a sultry edge
via “Belt Buckle,” and subsequently basks in an unabashedly flirtatious
encounter with “Jesse James.”  Her fiddle
work drives a down-home hoedown on “Ten Lost Men” and a jaunty swagger on “New
Shoes,” but its Carson’s sobering perspective that sets the mood here, a
careful, considered approach that adds to the mystique and proves that Taylor’s
patronage has once again been well rewarded.


“Oh Baby Lie Down,” “Mexico,” “Mercedes Benz”



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