Kele – The Boxer

January 01, 1970



Newly released
single “Tenderoni” drew me in…and the fact that I am a fan of Bloc Party;
therefore, I perhaps had premature delusions of grandeur for Kele’s debut solo
release, The Boxer. “Tenderoni” is
not wholly original – it is reminiscent of ‘90s trance music – but is catchy,
rhythmic and danceable.


However, The Boxer proves to be a slapdash
attempt at dance music. Sparse of sophisticated beats, the “upbeat” tracks
prove repetitive and laden with the typical, pulsating drum and bass riffs to
cue the chorus. Yet the songs that bear some complexity are those where Kele
did not heavily rely on his drum machine. The quieter moments at the end of the
album, “New Rules” and “Unholy Thoughts” especially, are hypnotic little
snippets that capture your attention due to their stark contrast to the earlier
energetic tracks.


DOWNLOAD: “New Rules,” “Unholy Thoughts” APRIL S.


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