Keith Jarrett – Rio

January 01, 1970




40 years after recording his ECM debut in 1971’s Facing You, legendary piano man Keith
Jarrett commemorates the anniversary with another exquisite solo performance
entitled Rio.


Few jazz pianists can consistently enthrall with just the
power of their 88 keys. And not since the heyday of Monk and Evans has there
been a guy who sat on that uncomfortable stool and captivate
the mind’s ear in the solo arena like Jarrett, whose string of ECM essentials
like The Köln Concert, Dark Intervals, Radiance, La Scala  and
Testament, Paris-London places him in a class all to himself, bratty onstage outbursts notwithstanding. This latest double-disc endeavor documents Keith’s second-only
show in Brazil
(his first was more than 20 years ago), where on April 11th of 2011, he
delivered a completely improvised concert in the city’s historic Teatro
Municipal. Across fifteen pieces labeled only as “Rio Part I” through
“Rio Part XV”, Jarrett exposes a range of unfiltered emotions before
an adoring Brazilian audience, from polytonal experimentalism to sweet buoyancy
to impassioned quietude to atmospheric minimalism, all augmented by the
stunning acoustics of the storied venue and his liveliest playing in years (thankfully
free of his notorious grunts and reedy hum alongs). In essence, Rio is
the sound of a man in love, and the flurry of feelings Jarrett presents across
the ebonies and ivories of his Bösendorfer is part and parcel this sentiment.


Fans of Keith Jarrett’s longtime trio with fellow jazz
giants Gary Peacock on the bass and the incomparable Jack DeJohnette on drums
will be excited to learn they have a brand new LP, entitled Somewhere, in the hopper for a release
sometime in the year 2012. But in the meantime, if you are looking a proper way
to sate your Keith kick, blame it on Rio.  


DOWNLOAD: “Rio Part I”, “Rio Part III”, “Rio Part IX”,



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