Keane – Night Train

January 01, 1970

Tree/Interscope Records)


It takes
guts to go out on a limb and completely change a sound that you’ve spent years
honing. The pay off can be huge (think Radiohead)… or can bomb (think Chris
Cornell gone hip hop). With their latest, the 8-song EP Night Train, British trio Keane unfortunately falls more into the
Chris Cornell bin than the Radiohead file.


The band,
not content with simply playing the piano-based based Brit pop they have build a
strong audience around, decided to add some street cred with their latest
offering bringing in  Somali/Canadian rapper K’Naan for “Stop for a Minute” and
“Looking Back” and Japanese MC Tigarah on “Your Love”. Though they should be
commended for the effort, the result is stilted and a bit forced, at best.  The band, known for writing lush songs that
contemporaries like Coldplay and Snow Patrol strive to keep up with, ends up
sounding more like platinum-selling rock stars trying to remain relevant.


Standout Track: “Back in Time” JOHN B. MOORE


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