Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – Introducing…

January 01, 1970

(Suburban Home Records)




On their ambitious sophomore release (released months ago
digitally, but now finally getting a physical release), Kay Kay and His
Weathered Underground still seem to be feeling out exactly what direction they
want to take. The music collective – founded by Gatsbys American Dream alums
Kirk Huffman and Kyle O’Quin – flirts with everything from Chamber Pop and
Indie Rock to Psychedelic 60’s throw backs and that’s ok… for awhile. But it’s
the band’s lack of direction and “fuck it, let’s try everything” approach, that
sounds refreshing at first but ultimately holds back the record.


There are definitely some strong moments on Introducing, like the dream-like opening
track (titled, appropriately enough, “Sweet Strange Dreams”), the horn-infused
Sgt. Pepper’s-inspired “Diggin’,” and the Caribbean-fused/stings heavy “I Hate
You California,” but the kitchen sink and all approach starts to wear thin
about half way into the album.


Just because you have easy access to steel drums, a full
horn section – and is that a sitar? – doesn’t mean you have to make use of all the
instruments on just about every track of the record. The band – a dozen or so
strong at last counting – clearly have an impressive record collection between
them all, but streamlining your influences could result in a more cohesive
record. Just a thought.


Strange Dream,” “I Hate You California” and “A
Country House in the Heart of the City'” JOHN B. MOORE


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