Katsen – It Hertz!

January 01, 1970





The first thing
that strikes you when you look at the cover of this CD is that, well, they seem
to like cats (hence the name) or at least they like putting cat heads on top of
human’s bodies. If nothing else it is a unique and unusual concept and once
that draws attention to the record.  Katsen is actually Donna Grimaldi and Chris
Blackburn, a duo from Brighton,
England who dig
their Casios and synthesizers and more importantly, love to make unusual sounds
with them.


On the first cut
“Let’s Build a City” the drum machine cranks up, as do the synths, and with the
both of them singing they seem to want to make a “Here we are!” statement while
on “Chequered Flag” Donna handles the vox herself and the sounds get a bit
darker (just a bit). On “Island Is An Animal” the local operator gets on the
phone and starts slapping buttons (or so it seems) and belting out weird
ringtones while “German Film Star” gets all soundtrack-y on us (the latter is a
cover of the Passions’ new wave classic from the early ‘80s). And the title
track is perfect for jogging while on the Autobahn (don’t forget the
lederhosen). At times the record is just too repetitive (and occasionally the
synths are teeth-grindingly annoying) but overall if a mix of Kraftwerk,
Ladytron and Barcelona strikes your fancy then Katsen will undoubtedly be
taking up time in the cd player on the next road trip.


Standout Tracks: “It Hertz!”, “Constellation”, “Let’s
Build a City” TIM HINELY




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