Katie Herzig – The Waking Sleep

January 01, 1970

(Marion-Lorraine Records/Mercer Street Records)




When you’ve placed your songs on such shows as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and Smallville,
people naturally assume you’re a big shot in tinsel town and have reason for
cheer as well. It’s an image purveyed by the folks who move in showbiz circles
and seemingly reside on top of the world. Katie Herzig’s resume would seem to
bear that out; after all, she’s seen her songs aired on TV’s top shows, the
aforementioned programs included.


Not surprisingly then, The
Waking Sleep
testifies to her generally upbeat attitude, resulting in a
buoyant, bouncy gem of a record that maintains it momentum practically all the
way through. Propulsive new wave rhythms underscore her exuberance, with her
sunny vocals sustaining the sentiment. “Free My Mind, “Make a Noise,” “Best Day
of Your Life” – these songs and more reflect a euphoric mindset that makes for
an absolutely addictive encounter. Still, things might have gotten a bit too
bubbly were it not for the easy sway of “Oh My Darlin'” and the delicate touch
of “Closest I Get.” Likewise, the chamber strings of “Midnight Serenade” and
the ethereal setting surrounding “Daisies and Pews” temper the giddier
tendencies and turn matters more reflective. Even a Waking Sleep requires quiet and calm.


My Darlin’,” “Midnight Serenade,” “”Free My Mind” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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