Kathleen Edwards – Voyageur

January 01, 1970





Early on, Canadian songstress Kathleen Edwards established a
reputation for exceptional output,
garnered from songs that draw from a tangled backwoods pastiche and
ever-present emotional uncertainty. It’s that frayed combination that makes her
material a compelling listen even from the get-go. Four albums on, Edwards is
still at peak form, slightly less feisty perhaps but no less engaged.


Voyageur resonates
with the kind of drama and daring that Edwards has been perfecting all along,
with songs like “Empty Threat” and
“A Soft Place To Land” reflecting a fractured psyche drawn through dense,
resonant melodies both powerful and pretty. There’s an inherent tension in
these tunes, especially evident on “Change the Sheets” and “Side Car,” where a
pulsating rhythm seems to draw her nearer to an eventual day of reckoning. Yet
even in moments of repose, there’s strength in her passionate embrace. As a
result, songs as sweet and sensual as “House Full Of Empty
Rooms” and “Going To Hell” find troubled sentiments that resonate throughout.


Ultimately, Edwards is tougher than your average troubadour,
but her tenacity and determination make for a striking and sumptuous encounter.


To Hell,” “Empty Threat,” “Change

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