Kasey Anderson – Nowhere Nights

January 01, 1970

(Red River Records)



After four excellent albums, Kasey Anderson ought to now be
considered as part of the same circle inhabited by Steve Earle, Ryan Bingham,
Townes Van Zandt and other alt-country, roots rock insurgents whose squinty
eyed perspective and rebellious regimen finds them going against the tide.  Mostly rowdy but occasionally remorseful,
Anderson postulates a rebellious attitude, his smoky vocals and ragtag
arrangements streamed with dark defiance and a genuine sense of reckoning. His
livelier offerings – “All Lit Up,” “Sooner/Later,” Nowhere Nights” and “Real
Gone” among them – emphasize the attitude, but it’s more reflective moments, like
“Bellingham Blues,” “From Now On” and “Like Teenage Gravity,” that offer
insight into his skewed emotions.


As always, Anderson
helps convey his melodies with the aid of longtime veteran producer and former
Del Lords mainman Eric Ambel, who uses his instrumental acumen to good
advantage when stirring up the sentiment. Nowhere Nights isn’t anywhere as vacant as its title
implies; to the contrary, it boasts one very bright star.  


Standout Tracks: “All Lit Up,” “Sooner/Later,” “Bellingham Blues” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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