Kasey Anderson And The Honkies – Heart of a Dog

January 01, 1970

(Red River)




In a very real sense, Kasey Anderson extends a noble trajectory
that stretches from Springsteen’s Jersey shore to the heart of Mellencamp’s
Midwestern roots, and continues clear out to the far reaches of the Pacific Northwest, the place Anderson himself calls home.
Along the way, he rallies the insurgent spirit of Westerberg, Adams, Chilton
and other hard-bitten rabble-rousers whose common muse is the grit and glory of
rock ‘n’ roll, all driven by a blue collar credo.


After five albums produced by Eric Ambel, Anderson takes the helm on Heart of a Dog, along with his new
aggregate, which he humbly calls the Honkies. Fortunately, the music retains
its dogged tenacity, a rowdy, unapologetic bluster. Anderson turns his irascible attitude up a
notch and in the process, fires up a frenzy.


Baby’s a Wrecking Ball,” “Exit Ghost” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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