Jupiter One – Sunshower

January 01, 1970





Two years have
passed since their self titled debut and with an album title like Sunshower how can you not create an
album that is full of swirly pop goodness? Somewhat reminiscent to The
Rosebuds, Jupiter One (K Ishibashi, Zac Colwell, Mocha, David Heilman, and Pat
Dougherty) combines pensive lyrics with upbeat, pop sounds comprised of
violins, acoustic guitars, and harmonized oohs and aahs; “Flaming Arrow” best
illustrates this component of their sound. In fact, from this moment on the
album takes off and the true strengths of Jupiter One become all the more
apparent:  they manage to merge an
impressive array of influences on this sophomore release, incorporating folk,
jazz, dance, rock and elements of ‘80s pop.


mellow voice truly excels on laid back jazzy numbers such as “Simple Stones,”
“Find Me A Place,” and “High Plains Drifter.” On the latter he quietly coos the
chorus “no one knows but us” to a bassy, sexy beat. Images of ‘70s jazz, a
smoking jacket and Dom Pérignon
flit through the mind on that number. A sophisticated, somber yet upbeat album,
Sunshower is a great collection of
songs, each doused in its own distinctive flavor.


Standout Tracks: “Flaming Arrow,” “Simple Stones” APRIL


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