JULIEN-K – 11/7/2018, Pittsburgh

Dates: November 7, 2018

Location: Mr. Small's Theatre, Pittsburgh PA

The band expertly lights up the stage at Mr. Small’s Theatre.


Julien-K is a band that may have a similar sound to Orgy, there is a good reason for this. It is a band comprised of members from Orgy. They were on tour with The Birthday Massacre and Jonathon Davis. As the tour rolled into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it was apparent that this is no ordinary tour. There was a chill in the air as a large crowd formed lines to enter the theater.

Mr. Small’s Theater is a nice music venue in Millvale, Pennsylvania which is part of Pittsburgh. It is good artsy feeling area where there is also a really good craft brewery with the name of Grist House Brewery, it is literally one block over and straight down the street from Mr. Small’s. Once the audience was inside, there was excitement in the air.

Most of the crowd, which kept growing in size as the night went on, had never heard of Julien K. Or they had heard of them and did not realize it is members of Orgy. Their sound is similar to Orgy, the electronic rock that everyone has come to know and love. A lot of the crowd became new fans that night. As they took to the stage, a deafening roar came from the audience, everybody this was going to be a special night in Millvale.

The stage was rather simple with only instruments and lighting effects. Some would say that this is too basic and simple, when in actuality lighting effects are the most efficient as well as effective for the audience to focus only on the music. This is what makes music so special. When music is what the key is to life and love. Julien K is a band who takes command of the stage, set with red and blue/purple lighting, the band played to a full house.

Making new fans and encouraging them to get their groove on to an electronic rock dream. This is what it was a dream that is overwhelming filled with soul in the music. The show is something which will take one’s breath away. The music is some that one can dance to or bang their head to. One moment someone will be dancing and then the next moment will be banging head. The sound is hard edged that is reminiscent of the sound of Orgy, yet completely different.

There is a fire in the vocals and the musicianship within this band is all musical chemistry. One can tell that no matter what everyone will have a great time at this show. A connection to the audience was made and it made it that much more special. The Birthday Massacre and Jonathon Davis brought out great performances. Julien-K will be around for years to come, just because they are a great band. Whether live or album everybody will find something to enjoy about this band. If one wants to see a tour that is something to remember, check it out. Julian K puts on an amazing performance.

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